The CDE Academy Foundation Course in Diabetes Care for Health Professionals

  • Do you find diabetes difficult to treat and wish someone could ‘switch on a light’?
  • Tired of trying to learn boring algorithms?
  • Battling to take time off your practice to keep up-to-date?
  • Looking for after-hours, modular learning?

If you are looking for a new challenge in your clinical practice, we have a 100% online, anytime-available progressive learning solution for you.

Earn 30 CPD points and understand diabetes like you never imagined possible, at your own pace.

The CDE Foundation Course covers the following modules:

Module 1: Introduction to the Foundation Course

Dr David Segal, Endocrinologist

Module 2: 25 Cs – Core Concepts in Diabetes

Michael Brown, Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Module 3: Pathophysiology of DM and Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Dr David Segal, Endocrinologist

Module 4: Diabetes Education and Coaching

Mandy Bernstein, Registered Dietitian

Module 5: Lifestyle Management – Medical Nutritional Therapy

Liana Grobbelaar, Registered Dietitian

Module 6: Lifestyle Management – Movement, Activity & Exercise

Andrew Heilbrunn, Biokineticist

Module 7: Pharmacological Management – Oral Agents

Dr Stan Landau, Specialist Physician

Module 8: Pharmacological Management – Injectable Agents

Dr Stan Landau, Specialist Physician

Module 9: Glycaemic Monitoring

Dr Larry Distiller, Endocrinologist

Module 10: Injection Technique in Diabetes

Laurie van der Merwe, Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Module 11: Acute Diabetes Emergencies

Dr David Segal, Endocrinologist

Module 12: Chronic Microvascular Complications in Diabetes Mellitus

Jay Narainsamy, Endocrinologist

Module 13: Management of Cardiovascular Risks in Diabetes Mellitus

Dr Stan Landau, Specialist Physician

Module 14: Footcare in Diabetes

Gerda Van Rensburg, Podiatrist

Module 15: The Importance of Data

Nicola Wilken, Registered Dietitian

Module 16: CDE Care

Dr Grant Newton, CEO CDE

The CDE Academy Webinars

Interested in brushing up your skills in the diabetes space? 

The CDE offers various different webinars around the topic of diabetes that will assist in upskilling healthcare professionals who manage people with diabetes. Take a look at our available webinars and see if any of them spark your interest.

Need to catch-up on your CPD points for the year?

The CDE offers various CPD articles for you to choose from, which are applicable to all healthcare professionals who manage people with diabetes. Each article offers 3 CPD points if you achieve the required pass mark of 70%.

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