Orientation in Principles of Diabetes Care for School Nurse Practitioners

As a School Nurse Practitioner, do you find diabetes in learners under your care problematic, sometimes confusing and maybe a bit scary?

Let's Change that!

If you are a registered nurse with a need to care for learners (or teachers) with diabetes in the school environment, or are considering this as a new career passion or insight, we can help you get started!

Diabetes and chronic care education are our skill and passion!

Join us to learn about diabetes in a NEW way! Learn new words, ideas, principles and simple actions. With time and active reflection, watch your values, attitudes and beliefs change. Enjoy renewed workplace confidence and ability to support the health and function of those you serve.

What is this Course about?

This 100% online Course serves as an accessible training in basic diabetes care in the school setting. It provides critical insights, which should translate into significant changes in your professional approach to managing a child or adolescent who is living with diabetes.

What does this Course entail?

This is a short 6-hour Course presented in 3 distinct phases.

Phase 1: We start with a 1-hour Introductory/Orientation Webinar to set the scene and expectations, and orientate you to the learning process.

Phase 2: We follow this with 3 hours of structured online self-study, reflection and discussion (available 24/7). This content, together with a selection of useful resources, will remain available for review for a period of 90 days from registration. During this time, we will also make ourselves available to answer short queries (5-10 minutes) via WhatsApp or Zoom calls.

Phase 3: We end the formal learning experience with a 2-hour facilitated Zoom Webinar to which you are encouraged to bring your questions, problems and case studies for discussion. In addition to answering specific questions, we will weave many vital and common core topics and principles into the discussions. 120 minutes is a brief period in which to crystallise key issues in diabetes, which is why the preparatory self-study Modules and reflections are vital.

  1. Module 1: ‘Core Concepts’ in Diabetes care – An ~2-hour online self-study Module on ‘Core Concepts’ in Diabetes care. Here you will learn 25 essential concepts, skills and insights to help you deal with and understand the clinical and psychosocial challenges you may face in facilitating the self-management of diabetes in a school setting.
  2. Module 2: ‘Diabetes Education and Coaching’ – An ~1-hour online self-study module that will add vital transactional insights applicable to your work. It will provide an orientation to the education and coaching needs, approaches, and skills specific to the facilitation of self-care of chronic health conditions. We focus on the role of diabetes educators (mainly registered nurses) within the core diabetes team and the importance of identifying the education needs per life stage / life transition.
  3. Module 3: Additional practical resources to assist you to support learners with diabetes and their parents and teachers. You will need to download these to complete the Module – thereafter we encourage you to read them thoughtfully in your own time and use them as needed in your work.

Reflect and grow in self-awareness to leverage the most out of your learning journey with us!

Evaluation and Certificates of Attendance

Following the Final Webinar, all participants who attended the webinar will be required to complete an evaluation of the learning experience. Once this has been done, a PDF Certificate of Attendance will be issued automatically.

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