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If you are a registered healthcare professional with a special interest in diabetes, or starting to develop this as a new career passion, you are at the right place.

Diabetes and chronic health conditions, a growing global problem

Globally, the number of people living with one or more chronic health conditions is growing exponentially. Ideally, most chronic conditions can and should be largely self-managed in the community, with the aim to prevent rather than treat the potential complications that may present. This can only work if both people with diabetes and their families, and the healthcare professionals who facilitate diabetes care, are trained to achieve this at a primary care level.

Health Professionals ill-equipped

Unfortunately, the less glamorous chronic, ‘non-communicable’ health conditions have often comprised a relatively small part of traditional medical school curricula and when taught, the focus is largely on the treatment of preventable complications. This has left new graduates without the necessary interest, skills or insights to effectively manage the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and financial complexities of conditions like diabetes mellitus. And, additionally, advances made in the technical understanding of the nature and the preventative treatment of diabetes during the last century have not filtered through to the average Generalist.

The CDE Academy Team

Michael brown

Michael Brown

Registered Nurse
Head of the CDE Academy

stan landau

Dr Stan Landau

Specialist Physician
Medical Lead of the CDE Academy

Felicity Black

Registered Dietitian

elré Clarence

Elré Clarence

Diabetes Advocate
CDE Academy Administrator

Charlotte Meschede

Elré Clarence

Consultant Registered Dietitian

10 Great reasons why you should choose the CDE Academy as your Learning Partner in Diabetes Care

We offer a guided, progressive learning journey to becoming proficient in the management of diabetes and its related comorbidities, from Foundation through Advanced to Master levels

Learn the critical core principles inherent in best-practice chronic health care using diabetes as a prototype

We take you beyond knowledge to learn the vital skills, insights, attitudes and values needed in chronic health care

Reflection, growth in self-awareness and interdisciplinary and social learning are essential tools we use to help you to leverage the most out of your learning journey

Our e-Courses, Journal Clubs and Masterclasses allow you to learn at your own pace

As applicable, formative and summative assessments of attitudes, values, beliefs, knowledge, and insights are administered, to allow the CDE Academy, and you, to evaluate the learning experience

Our Courses are open to any registered health professional – we teach the need for interdisciplinary team care in diabetes, and we practice what we teachWe help you to meet both learning and regulatory requirements for practice

We help you to meet both learning and regulatory requirements for practice

We offer diabetes education based on latest international guidelines and best practice, but which remains respectfulof and relevant to local experience and cultures

Our Course certificates and CDE-Accreditation are recognised as standards by many medical funders, managed care organisations and pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry companies. Our training also opens the door to becoming part of a supportive network of healthcare professionals with similar interests

CDE Academy Learning Testimonials

Here is what some past CDE-Academy students have said on their learning experiences

About the CDE

The Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (Pty) Ltd (CDE), based in Houghton, Johannesburg, is a Private Registered Managed Care Organisation with a 26-year history in the provision of comprehensive, person-centred and evidence-based diabetes care, the managed clinical and administrative care of diabetes, healthcare professional education and mentoring, diabetes network commissioning, coordination and auditing, clinical research, healthcare publishing, and community support and advocacy. The CDE was founded in 1994 as the first fully integrated diabetes centre in South Africa to promote a holistic team approach to diabetes management, with all the necessary services present under one roof. Since then, the CDE has facilitated the development of a trained and peer-reviewed and audited nationwide provider network operating at primary, secondary and tertiary care levels, with the ability to provide appropriate care for each client according to their risk status and the complexity of his or her treatment.

Our Diabetes Management Programme (DMP) and accredited National CDE Network are designed to ensure that the principles of best-practice diabetes care and cardiovascular risk reduction are applied with the following objectives:

  • Achievement and maintenance of good diabetes and risk factor control through rational use of targeted lifestyle and drug therapies
  • Reduced hospital admissions
  • Reduced acute and chronic healthcare funding, physical, economic, social and societal costs
  • Improved quality of life
  • A focus on wellness and health rather than illness

With more than two decades of experience, the CDE is your unmatched and perfect value driven partner in diabetes care

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