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Before you proceed to checkout, please note:

You have a period of 90 days from registration to complete this Course.

The recommended work rate from registration is 2 Modules per week. Working at this rate will allow to ‘soak’ in and reflect on the content and complete the Course in around 60 days. This is well within the 90-day limit, and provides sufficient margin to allow you to cope with unexpected intrusions on your schedule.

Course Fee

The Course fee covers access to the CDE Academy for the stipulated period of 90 days. It does not cover any data and device fees or any other costs of participation.

Course Pre-requisites

Because this is a 100% online Course, you will need to have

  • some measure of computer literacy,
  • a suitable desktop computer, laptop or tablet (some smartphones will also work subject to screen size limitations) and
  • access to a reliable broadband data connection with the sufficient bandwidth and data to allow you to view sixteen 30-50 minute video presentations among the total Course requirements (if you can watch most YouTube videos without any problem, you should not have an issue).
System Invoices

Following completion of your registration (and the inclusion of your correct email address), you will receive three confirmation emails, one of which will contain your access details to login to the CDE Academy Foundation Course for your online training.

Another of these mails will bear a system-produced invoice that may be used as proof of training expenses for tax or VAT refund purposes. PLEASE NOTE – do not register without the correct details you wish to appear on this invoice, as the invoice cannot be changed retrospectively. Ensure that all fields are correctly completed.

Please do not proceed to Checkout if these caveats are in any way problematic.

Proceeding to Checkout indicates that you have read, understood and accepted the above.