The CDE Academy Foundation Course in Diabetes Care for Health Professionals

This 100% online Course serves as an accessible training in basic diabetes care and its commonly associated co-morbidities and risk factors. This is a challenging Course providing critical insights, which should translate into significant changes in your professional approach and clinical practice in this field.

We know that learning new facts, skills and insights is a complex process and that each person has a preferred style of learning. We have used this understanding to design the Course, making extensive use of imaging, colour, animation, video and narration paired with written scripts to enhance your learning journey. We trust that this will provide you with an engaging and holistic learning experience, rather than just presenting you with a bunch of facts to read!

The Course is divided into 16 Modules, spanning the traditional textbook topics from the pathophysiology of diabetes to foot care, to help create a mental architecture of the gamut of diabetes and its potential/preventable complications. We don’t stop there however! We also provide vital insights into the ‘softer’ skills such as current psychological, educational and coaching approaches to diabetes care, which help to avoid many of the common treatment ‘failures’ we all have witnessed.

Each Module provides brief but meaningful pre- and post-module self-assessments and reflection opportunities to promote active learning, and case studies to bring practical real-world scenarios into the learning experience. A summative post-course assessment (pass mark 80%) will conclude the Course.

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CDE Academy Learning Testimonials

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Course Accreditation

30 Continuing Education Units (1 CEU / hour)

What are the benefits of this course?

The Course has been accredited for 30 Continuing Education Units – 1 CEU per hour (University of Pretoria, Faculty of Health Sciences Activity Number: MDB005/090/01/2021).

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