cloudy with a chance of showers

Cloudy With a Chance of Showers

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Paykel (2008) describes the modern concept of depression as essentially “a clinical syndrome, defined by the presence of a number of clinical features, but not requiring a specific etiology, and acknowledging the possibility of both psychological and biological causative factors”. This definition is deceptive in its simplicity, but it fails to capture the many nuances that typically accompany such a diagnosis.

Diabetes is of itself an equally complex clinical syndrome. Frequently depression and diabetes co-exist, and when this occurs the clinical outcomes for both conditions are reported as worse for both.

In the post-pandemic world of today it is pleasing to see much more being written about and spoken of mental health matters. This Journal Club session seeks to sharpen our collective knowledge around depression amongst people with diabetes, as well as mature our attitudes and behaviours to better equip us for the formidable, but attainable task ahead – improved mental health for all!

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