Dietary Strategies for Remission of Type 2 Diabetes – Moving Forward in Reverse!

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At present, the global narrative around the management of type 2 diabetes seems focussed on the role of injectable GLP-1RA’s, especially when viewed through a lens of their populist role as “spectacular weight loss drugs”. Whilst there are valid and well-defined indications for their use, less attention seems to be paid to many of the fundamental elements that constitute comprehensive diabetes management, like nutrition.

Against this backdrop, in this Journal Club we will offer a balanced view of how specific nutritional interventions can induce a remission of type 2 diabetes. Evidence- and practice-based guidance will be offered on how to embed such an approach in daily practice, and on client attributes that predict the likelihood of achieving and sustaining a remission.

Join us and our expert guest, registered Dietician Michelle Daniels, discusses dietary strategies for remission of type 2 diabetes.

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