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Navigating Diabetes on the Road to Parenthood…Preparing for and sustaining the journey

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‘Behind the Veil…  Journeys in Chronic Healthcare with Dr Stan Landau and Team’

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All our topics are carefully selected to be of interest to all members of the wider interdisciplinary diabetes team.

Iron deficiency is common in South Africa. Whilst classic aspects of this entity like koilonychia or spoon-shaped fingernails are well known to clinicians, less appreciated are early, non-specific clues which may be present for years before a diagnosis is confirmed.

In all cases, the cause of iron deficiency should be addressed, and, whenever possible, eliminated.

Innovations such as closed-loop insulin pump systems, more advanced continuous glucose monitoring systems and telehealth services are improving the management and outcomes of pregnancy in women with diabetes. Contemporary management of pregnancy and diabetes thus emphasizes a proactive, individualized approach.

In addition to these attributes, the total management of diabetes requires collaboration between healthcare providers. Clear and consistent communication with the client helps in building trust, ensuring that they are well-informed and actively involved in their care decisions.

Finally, team-based care doesn’t end with delivery. Postpartum follow-up and long-term management of the pre-existing diabetes or long-term risks of GDM are crucial, and only a cohesive and connected team can provide seamless transition and ongoing support.

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